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Under (re)Construction

The original contents of this blog were lost due to a GoDaddy snafu in 2017, but I’m currently re-building the blog thanks to having grabbed copies of early snapshots of my blog posts. As we head into a new era of launching astronauts from American soil, I feel it’s worth the effort to document where we’ve been, as we head into the future.

I’ll be focusing on resurrecting my space posts for now. My guide to building a Windows 7 Media Center PC/DVR probably isn’t going to be that useful in 2019.

Once the old content’s back, I’m looking forward to chronicling upcoming missions to the ISS and beyond, as well as musings about technology, comedy, and more.

Test Flight: Orion EFT-1

My original blog entry about the Orion launch was alas lost when GoDaddy deleted my earlier site, so this is a “best-of” recap of the highly successful Orion EFT-1 flight test NASA Social.

I live-tweeted the social, including the Kennedy Space Center tour, the first day excitedly waiting for the eventually-scrubbed launch, and the final launch. Click here to read the Tweets and see the images I posted during the NASA Social event.

The Twitter stream is a good recap of the actual event. The flight was a resounding success. After the launch most of us went to the KSC tour to watch the recovery in the theater there. You can see my video of the launch, and NASA’s video of the recovery, at the bottom of the post.

For more background on the planned test, see NASA’s data sheet on Orion EFT-1. For a full recap of the timetable of the flight, the Orion EFT-1 Wikipedia article has some good info.

See my pics below. It was an honor to be invited by NASA to be a part of this historic event in our move to send humans past earth orbit again. Looking forward to visiting KSC to see astronauts launching from American soil again soon!

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