I started writing professionally in grad school working on my MS in Communication, after making a bet with my roommate Jimmy on who could get published first in a computer magazine. I won the bet, and I’ve been writing and editing professionally since. Along the way I’ve done features, reviews, and tutorials for consumer magazines like OMNI, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, United Airlines Hemispheres, and a wide variety of technology magazines and websites, including Tom’s Hardware, ExtremeTech, c|net, Computer Shopper, Computer Gaming World, Handheld Computing, AmigaWorld, COMPUTE!, and many more. Also four books so far, and a ton of technical writing ranging from software manuals to Windows help files and user interface text. It’s been a bit like having writing class homework due throughout my entire life, but I love it.

Feature Articles

The Science of Star Trek
This was written for the late, great OMNI Magazine. I was able to interview science fiction production luminaries like Andre Bormanis and Mike Okuda while they were working on series like Star Trek: The Next Generation. This assignment also landed me a chance to visit the Deep Space Nine sets.

Virtual Blue Yonder: Fightertown Takes Off
Another OMNI article. The tour of Fightertown, a virtual air combat facility, was a blast, but the best part of this one was getting to fly in the back seat of a real USAF F-15D. I wish I’d had about four more pages to write about that part of the experience.

VR Headset Head-to-Head
A comparison of the Oculus Rift and HP Vive for Computer Shopper. I think the headline pun was just fortuitous.


Cloud 9 C989 ergonomic keyboard (Tom’s Hardware)

Fnatic REACT+ headphones (Tom’s Hardware)

Oculus Rift VR headset (Computer Shopper)

Oculus Touch VR controllers (Computer Shopper)

HP Elite Slice PC (Computer Shopper)

Digital Storm Eclipse PC (Computer Shopper)

JVC Everio GZ-MG37 camcorder (c|net)


Sony CLIE for Dummies (Wiley Publishing)
One of four technology tutorial books that I wrote or co-wrote, this one in the popular “…for Dummies” series. This is a PDF containing a few sample chapters to give you an idea of my accessible style when writing tutorials for novice and casual readers.

User Experience

UX Examples: Over the years I’ve helped make Xbox.com, the Xbox console, and even Windows easier to use and more accessible. Here’s a look at some of the work I’ve done,.


BackupBuddy 2.0 (Blue Nomad Software)


Build a VR Powerhouse
I was given a $2,000 budget to design and build a fast PC for VR gaming. Part of Computer Shopper’s “Build It” series, the idea was to show not just what I chose, but explain why I chose those parts, and then talk about the process of putting it all together.

Video Scripting and Voiceover

I codesigned, cowrote, and cohosted Xbox LIVE’s Insider Moves game tips show along with Ryan Treit. This pioneering tips show, created when YouTube was still in its infancy, would often get over a million views each week on the Xbox 360 console. We aimed to provide content for novices and hardcore gamers alike, and incorporated humor and running jokes to keep people coming back even if they weren’t stuck in that particular game.

I’ve also appeared as a guest expert covering computer hardware and gaming on broadcast shows such as The Screen Savers and CNN Headline News.


Denny Atkin Photography on Facebook
A small sample of my photography. I’m a big aviation and space buff so you’ll find an emphasis on airshow pictures and drone panoramas, but there’s a bit more variety in my Samples Album. I’ve also taken hundreds of product photos to accompany reviews and feature articles; you’ll find some of those accompanying many of the articles above.

NASA Social Reporting

The Final Space Shuttle Launch
Day 1, Part 1:The Twent
Day 1, Part 2: Visiting the Launch Pad
Day 2, Part 1: Ground Control to @Astro_Ron
Day 2, Part 2: Go for Launch? Really?
I was lucky enough to be selected as one of about 100 social media representatives to view and report on the final Space Shuttle launch, STS-135, as part of the NASA Social program. Since then, I’ve also reported on the first test launch of the Orion capsule that will be used in NASA’s Artemis program, and on a visit to the NASA Armstrong center at Edwards AFB to report on aerospace research.